Services News Company Info Login will provide their best efforts to obtain and keep high rankings for your selected web site among these major search engines: Google, AltaVista, Inktomi, Yahoo, Alltheweb, Teoma, AOL, Lycos, Looksmart, Hotbot, Excite, Fast, MSN, and Netscape.

In General, services include:

1. Research and development of keyword fresh phrases to be used in promotion of your web site pages. Intensive KEI analysis and review. Finalizing a solid list based on high-traffic phrases and competitive nature of each.

2. Creating and hand optimizing pages to be optimized for engines. This includes review and inclusion of additional pages, alteration of title, description, headings, image tags and relevant text appearing on pages. It may also involve adding visible text pages consistent with the look and feel of the site.

3. Link testing and recommendations. Analyzing the path of each search engine spider important in the link development efforts.

4. Manual submission of new and revised pages to each targeted search engine.

5. Constant review of indexed pages to determine if revisions or resubmission is necessary.

We are committed! provides a service for promotion of your web site included when you choose one of our web hosting plans. There is no way to guarantee specific rankings over a duration of time because constant modifications within individual engines can cause placements to rise, slip or be lost all together. Our promotional efforts focus on the major search engines so that an abrupt change in one engine's will not have a devastating effect on your overall traffic.

There are many factors that contibute to top placement in search engines and you will find that some keywords are extremely difficult and almost impossible to obtain. Our promotion experts will consult provide detailed information regarding the competivness of your keywords. Do not expect results overnight! It takes time.

There are many factors that contribute to the success of your campaign, including those chosen keywords, link structure, directory structure, link popularity, click popularity, and many more. You are paying for their services and efforts to obtain the best possible rankings within the major search engines.

Contact us for a review of your site and we let you know which marketing package is good for you.