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Secure Server:

Security is an important consideration for many customers and the users of their web sites. When secured communication is required between web browser and server, a certificated encryption key must be used on the web server.
These keys are bound to specific host names. They are available from a number of companies, the best known of which is likely Verisign, Thawte

Customers that wish to be able to perform secure transactions from within their own domain name will need a key bound to their web server name. Sometimes your merchant provider provide this serviceor we can provide this for you..

Alternatively, customers that are more price sensitive and that are willing to perform their secure transactions under a different domain name may perform these transactions making use of our own certificate.

Full CGI Access:

Clients can construct their own, unscreened, CGI compliant programs. This may be done in C, C++, Perl or other. High end relational database server access is also available to the web author.

Search Engines:

We can offer you a specialize package of your marketing needs to the serveral search engines and media to enhance the visibilty of your site. And to create a better acces of customers you never know exist. We can help you create the different keywords for your website and enhance the listings in the search engines.
We also offer other more sophisticated search facilities. Please inquire with us on other available options.

Java Servlets:

An environment for the execution of Java Servlets may be provided to clients that request this service. While the norm is to run a single instance of a servlet engine, with all servlets running in a common memory space, additional engines may be provided.