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Mail Forwarding:

Mail forwarding provides the client with email addresses within their domain, such as Mail sent to these addresses is automatically forwarded to one or more other email addresses, anywhere on the Internet. Optionally, the client may have complete control over the list of email forwardings.

This service is not only useful for improving your Internet appearance, it also permits you to switch between ISPs without having to change your public email address. Whether you read email from AOL, Netcom, a local ISP, or your local university, your email address remains

Mailing Lists:

A mailing list is a mail address which forwards received mail to a set of individual recipients. These are extremely useful for group communication.

Mailing lists can appear to be hosted from your web site.

Several different subscription models are available, ranging from people subscribing themselves (via email) to only clients subscribing others. Mailing lists can also be open for discussions, where any subscriber can post to the entire list, or can be for announcement only, where only a set of predefined addresses may post to the entire list. Moderated lists, where anyone may post, but where all posts much be preapproved before broadcast, are also available.

Mailing Autoresponders:

A mail autoresponder is an email address which automatically replies to messages received. These replies can contain predefined text messages. Autoresponders are useful ways for people to request rate and schedule information via email, making this information more available than it would otherwise be.